Get Your Home Pre-Owned Certified With The OP Team!

Introducing our new Pre-Owned Certified Resale Home Warranty Program, a new listing add-on for sellers and buyers giving homeowners peace of mind.
When you get your home Pre-Owned Certified with The OP Team, we are going to make sure that your home stands out from the rest in THREE easy steps!

  1. Perform A Pre-Listing Home Inspection On The Property To Review Home Repairs
  2. Register Your Home Under A Third-Party Insurance Company
  3. Place A Distinct Pre-Owned Certified Sign On Your Front Lawn

Here's some more insight on our awesome program!

When we provide you with a pre-listing home inspection, we will repair all major and minor deficiencies to provide you with a clean report showing that all deficiencies have been repaired.
The third-party warranty program that we will register your home under home includes a 12 month warranty to cover up to $15K in repairs or replacements. This warranty stays with the home, which means that it is transferable from seller to buyer.
Our warranty program covers you from central heating systems, duct work, central air conditioning, a heat pump, interior plumbing, interior electrical, a hot water tank, all appliances like your fridge, stove, washer, dryer, microwave, etc. The list goes on.
We are PROUD to be placing a distinct Pre-Owned Certified sign on your front lawn that showcases that the property has been Pre-Owned Certified. The seller will also receive a Pre-Owned Certified certificate which also shows that your home has gone through all of the inspection protocols.

Ready to get your home Pre-Owned Certified? Contact Us Today!

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